MemoryMaster 2020

Book ($300)

Side-by-side question & answer format. This bound, soft-covered book can be carried to class, clinicals, and the library. Questions appear on the left side of each page and the corresponding answers on the right side. This layout allows you to cover, then reveal, the answers as you work through the MemoryMaster™ content. 

Flashcards ($400)
Traditional flash card format. Each card is approximately 3" x 4" and fits easily in the pocket of your lab coat or scrubs. Cards are arranged numerically by topic and category.

iPhone and iPad ($199.99)

Content is identical in all MemoryMaster formats.

Course Registration Discount: If you previously registered for a Review Course, contact Valley for a Discount Code to apply at checkout and receive $100 off your book or $200 off your flashcard order.

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