Return Policy - Kagami

Return Policy for Educational Materials:

Valley Anesthesia, Inc. materials cannot be returned for refund once they have been shipped. Valley Anesthesia materials include, but are not limited to, the Review Course Manual, the MemoryMaster Book, MemoryMaster Flashcards, and MemoryMaster App.

Refund Policy for Canceling a Review Course Registration:

  1. If you have registered for a 2018 Review Course and:
    1. cancel your course registration before the course is closed and before any of your materials have been shipped, your refund is $625.00.
    2. cancel your registration after the course is closed and before your materials have been shipped, your refund is $525.00.
    3. cancel your registration before the course is closed but after your course materials have been shipped, your refund is $275.00
    4. cancel your registration after the course has been closed and after your course materials have been shipped, your refund is $175.00.
    5. cancel your registration within two weeks prior to the actual course date, your refund is $100.00.
    6. cancel your registration within one week prior to the actual course, your refund is $50.00.
  1. If you purchased and received a MemoryMaster printed product (Book or Flash Cards) and then cancel your Review Course registration, you will be charged the difference between the “Review Course Registration Discount” price and “Without Review Course Registration Discount” price. Specifically, you will be charged a total of $300.00 for the 2018 MemoryMaster Book or $400.00 for the 2018 MemoryMaster Flashcards.

Fee Policies

  1. There is a $50.00 processing and service fee to change from a closed (filled) Review Course site.
  2. To switch from an open course to another open course in the SAME calendar year, there is no charge.
  3. To switch from a course in one calendar year to a course the next calendar year there are two fees: (1) you must purchase a new Course Manual ($290) for the next calendar year course you will be attending, and (2) a $50.00 switch fee.
  4. A $15.00 processing and service fee will be charged for cancelling a MemoryMaster Book or Flashcard order that has not been shipped.

Delivery of Course Information and Materials

  1. Your 2018 Course Manual will be sent to you within 2 weeks of your Course registration. In addition to that, a confirmation email is sent to you upon successfully completing your course registration or purchase of a MemoryMaster product or other Valley Anesthesia materials.
  2. MemoryMaster 2018 Books ship by USPS Priority mail. MemoryMaster 2018 Flashcards are shipped by UPS. Please note: UPS cannot deliver to P.O. boxes.

Continuing Education Cancellation Policy:

Non Refundable Course Registration Fee: $150.00

If you have registered for a 2018 Continuing Education for the CRNA Course and:

      1. Cancel your registration more than 60 days prior to the start date of the CRNA Review, your refund is 50%
      2. Cancel your registration more than 30 days to the start date of the CRNA Review, your refund is 25%
      3. Course Registration fees paid may be applied in full toward another Valley Anesthesia program within the same 12 months of your cancelation date (not course date).

We recommend the purchase of travel insurance.

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