Accessing Your Course Materials

  • After you register for a 2022 Review Course (or add a digital Course Manual or MemoryMaster to a prior registration), we'll email you when your content is ready for viewing and downloading.
  • The notification will contain your username and temporary password. Your username and password recovery email match your Valley registration information.
  • Please go here -> Valley Digital Edition Portal
  • Enter Username and Password exactly as they appear in your content notification.
  •  Change your password when prompted to proceed to the content portal.

Navigating the Portal

  • Once you're logged into the portal, your digital editions are available for viewing and downloading.
    Content Portal
  • Use the blue buttons to sort or switch to list view.
  • Click on the cover icons to open a copy of the book in your browser using the Web Viewer.
  • Click on the down arrow (top right cover) to download a PDF to your computer. 

Using the Web Viewer

  • You can read and annotate your content on any device using the Web Viewer.
  • Use the toolbar to:
Take Notes
View Bookmarks
Pin or Close the Toolbar
Pin Close
Undo Redo
    • Annotations are synched across all devices using the Web Viewer.
    • Click the Save to Browser button (top right) to save a copy to your browser for offline access. Your offline annotations will be synched the next time you connect to internet. Bookmark your Course Manual and MemoryMaster for easy access when viewing offline.
       Save to Browser

    Using the PDF File

    • NOTE: The PDF file is compatible with Adobe Acrobat only and will not open in the Mac Preview app, Chrome PDF Viewer, a mobile device or an iPad (unless you are using the Web Viewer in a browser - see above).
    • Download the PDF files from the portal to your computer and locate in your downloads folder or wherever you save files.
    • Open the Course Manual or MemoryMaster PDF using Adobe Acrobat and enter your Username and Password when prompted to unlock the file.
    • Click OK on any prompts to allow internet access. You may be prompted to Disable the Global Object Security Policy in Adobe preferences.
      For Windows Users:
      1. Open Adobe Reader
      2. From the top menu bar, select Edit > Preferences
      3. Under Categories, select the JavaScript section
      4. Uncheck or de-select the "Enable global object security policy" option
      For Mac Users:
      1. Open Adobe Reader
      2. From the top menu bar, select Adobe Reader > Preferences
      3. Under Categories, select JavaScript
      4. Uncheck or de-select the “Enable global object security policy” option
    • Highlighting is available in Adobe Acrobat Pro and can be saved with the file but these highlights will not synch to other devices or the Web Viewer.

    Terms of Use

    • Digital editions are viewable for Two Years from the time of registration or MemoryMaster purchase date unless otherwise stated. Buy more time as needed.
    • View on up to four of your devices or browsers using any combination of Web Viewer and PDF file. For example, viewing the Course Manual in a web browser and in Acrobat on the same computer counts as two uses. Contact us if you need to reset your device count.
    • Digital editions are licensed to the end user. Please do not share your login as this violates the terms of use, impacts your device count and may prevent you from accessing your content.
    • Printing is not enabled. If you'd like to purchase a printed Course Manual to mark up with highlighters and pens, please contact Customer Service.
    • Please see our Disclaimer page for more information.