Accessing Your Course Materials

Please read the below before downloading!

  • Please note if you have "opted out" of all contact, ALL communications will go to your junk folder and you may miss registration and other information. You will have to periodically check for missed communication.
  • After Course registration, you will receive a second email with your download links.
  • The downloads are limited to 4 IP addresses and 4 downloads each. Carefully consider which devices you would like to download our products to. (You can't download the course manual on your phone. The file size is too big.)
  • DO NOT click the links on your phone.
  • Your downloads are marked with your name on each page to track materials. Do not share your materials with other students who have not purchased Valley as that will be considered a violation of copyright laws.
  • University malware systems often block downloading so the BEST and EASIEST way to download the materials is OFF CAMPUS.
  • Be aware of your own PERSONAL malware systems and cookie settings when trying to download your products.
  • Your computer might be automatically scanning the material and/or blocking it. This can use up your download numbers.
  • We are here to help so if you do have problems, troubleshoot with classmates and you can always email us at Please include a screenshot of the issue so we can speed up resolution times

Using the PDF File

  • NOTE: The PDF file is compatible with Adobe Acrobat only and will not open in the MAC Preview app, Chrome PDF Viewer, or a mobile device or an iPad (unless you are using the Web Viewer in a browser - see above). Use PDF Annotator to take notes as you go along! We also recommend Notability for use with our product but other annotators work as well.

For Windows Users:

  1. Open Adobe Reader
  2. From the top menu bar, select Edit > Preferences
  3. Under Categories, select the JavaScript section
  4. Uncheck or de-select the "Enable Global Object Security Policy" option

For Mac Users:

  1. Open Adobe Reader
  2. From the top menu bar, select Adobe Reader > Preferences
  3. Under Categories, select JavaScript
  4. Uncheck or de-select the "Enable global object security policy" option

    Terms of Use

    • Digital editions are viewable for Two Years from the time of registration or MemoryMaster purchase date unless otherwise stated. You can buy more time as needed.
    • View on up to four of your devices or browsers using any combination of Web Viewer and PDF file. For example, viewing the Course Manual in a web browser and in Acrobat on the same computer counts as two uses. Contact us if you need to reset your device count.
    • Digital editions are licensed to the end user. Please do not share your login as this violates intellectual property laws, impacts your device count and may prevent you from accessing your content.
    • Printing is not enabled. If you'd like to purchase a printed Course Manual to mark up with highlighters and pens, please contact Customer Service.
    • Please see our Disclaimer page for more information.