This Review Course actually made me excited about studying again. The information was finally taught to me in a way I could understand. Thanks Valley!
The Sweat Book was my study bible and I stuck by it, even now that I have passed. I know and under­stand the material and was confident during the exam.
I did MemoryMaster x4... and, from my reviews of MemoryMaster, very few questions on the exam surprised me. I felt confidant and prepared thanks to the Valley materials.
The Course/Sweat Book/MemoryMaster/Mixed Reviews... studied over and over again. Gave me the confidence that I could pass the Certification Exam, and I did!
Valley was a very concise way of studying the information I needed to know. It was a great use of my time and money to attend the Course and to study the materials. Thank you.
Helped me generate a study plan... or so-called ‘plan of attack.’ Went through MemoryMaster and Sweat Book x3 apiece. Glad I did... the boards are not easy!!
I read ‘3M’ but went through the Sweat Book and MemoryMaster x2 and felt prepared. Valley sure helped me to narrow down what I needed to focus on. Thanks!
Beautiful recap of all topics discussed in the last 3 years. Grateful for the Valley Review and would recommend it to all! Thank you!

Valley helped me organize my studying—without it I don’t know if I would have known where to start. I would encourage every SRNA to take the course.


The MemoryMaster offered a very comprehensive review. I studied the Sweat Book first, and then went through MemoryMaster twice. I only wish I had started studying earlier.


Valley does an excellent is ultimately the student’s responsibility to study the material. I would stress to start early and NOT wait to start studying until after graduation.

I felt very overwhelmed studying for the Board Exam until I got the Valley materials. It was methodical, to the point, very organized. I only studied Valley & passed on the 1st time.

I did 3 review courses & used multiple texts and was a very good student...the Valley materials were a great way to condense 2½ years of info into a manageable study source that equipped me to use critical thinking to answer the board questions. Valley was the best resource to help me critically think for this exam. Thank you!”


I was very impressed when I attended your program in March ... YOUR program has given me the confidence AND the real-time information I will need to pass the boards.


I cannot imagine trying to study for boards without Valley. Valley is an organized way to review everything.


The sweat book was a perfect outline. I went through it in a very detailed manner 2-3x the last semester of school. I do not feel I would have passed with just the Prodigy resource (the school bought Prodigy for us ...)


The recommended Study Guide in the sweat book (Course Manual) was great. It gave me a good, organized way to get through all of the material. After going through the sweat book and MemoryMaster, each twice, I felt very prepared for the exam, and I passed with the minimum number of questions.


I felt the entire course was a great help, as the lectures and diagrams helped me understandthings on a greater level than I had through school. I also fell the MemoryMaster helped me think about questions and topics in a way that was formatted to “board-like” questions and detail. I would recommend this Review and the materials to anyone I know.


The diagrams in the sweat book were extremely helpful. What was once a cluster of confusion in school (e.g. the coagulation pathway) suddenly made perfect sense. Valley gave me a clear study plan...and it worked!! Thank you Valley.


I felt very overwhelmed studying for the Board Exam until I got the Valley materials. It was methodical, to the point, very organized. I only studied Valley & passed on the 1st time.


Valley Anesthesia was the best preparation for the exam compared to any other review course/materials that I used. The Mixed Reviews were awesome and the class excellent. Thanks!


First, the way many of the difficult concepts I personally found challenging were explained to me in a way that gave me clarity and new perspective. Second, the test-taking strategies were invaluable. During my test I paid zero attention to the question number and focused on getting the points for each and every question.


Sweat Book is great—condensed, easy to read & understand. MemoryMaster—extremely comprehensive. I used it (MemoryMaster) a lot during my program to help with studying for exams. Review Course—absolutely loved it, a must to attend.


The Review classes were the most helpful in building confidence, because they were very focused on “how” to study for Boards. Great classes and ‘how to think the board way.’


The Review Course was almost perfect ... the instructors are very engaging. The Study Guide schedule was very helpful—I followed the schedule religiously for 6 months. Please emphasize to future students: ‘you must read and understand concepts in the sweat book (Course Manual). Once you get the concepts down, hit the MemoryMaster to add further understanding and critical thinking.’


The first time I attended the Valley Review Course, I was amazed at how much I would need to know to pass boards. The second time I took the Review Course, it was a refresher Course, more or less, and I realized that I had areas of weakness to review before the big day. I read through the sweat book 3 times and MemoryMaster twice. I passed on the first attempt.


I thought Valley Anesthesia review was very helpful in preparing me & review for the national board exam. I did 2 anesthesia review courses to prepare for boards & I think that Valley prepared me for the content that was actually on the exam. Thank you, Valley.


Valley did such a great job of explaining difficult concepts in such a way that not only improved my understanding, but helped me remember as well. I loved the graphs and visuals, very helpful. Valley really helped me consolidate a ton of material into one place and organized it into manageable modules that kept me focused and on pace.


The Sweat Book and MemoryMaster were invaluable in preparing for boards. The Sweat Book helped to focus my studies. It also broke down some very difficult concepts into understandable material. The material in Valley allowed me to use deductive reasoning to answer questions on boards.


I went through the Sweat Book and MemoryMaster 2 times with a fine-tooth comb over a one month period, spending 8—12 hours per day. I followed the outline exactly as you laid out, with the exception of moving Pharm & Chemistry ahead in my studies. I did not feel there were any major surprises on boards, and when my test shut off at 100Q, I KNEW I had passed.


The Review Course was fantastic! The Sweat Book was well organized, easy to look up things I was unsure about, and the diagrams (especially Regional) were extremely easy to learn, compared to using my textbook. Also, MemoryMaster had almost every question I had on boards in it. While the answer choices weren’t always what I expected, I was able to work through the options to get the right answer.


Valley helped narrow my focus and hone in on points that were vital to my success. There were ques­tions that I got correct directly because of what I learned at Valley. There were questions that I didn’t know the exact answer, but the Review material helped me eliminate answers. Be sure to read the Test-Taking strategies. Valley also drove home the point that I worked my a** off for 2 years and working for 1 more month was well worth it.


What really helped me was to review the 3 modules I just studied before moving on the next 3. That was very important for me & it really helped to solidify the information before adding ‘new info’ and it really helped to keep all the info organized in my brain.


Valley condensed so much of the info that I had leaned in school and/or needed to know for the board exam. I highly recommend Valley Anesthesia Review. Go to the Review Course and study, study, study the Sweat Book and MemoryMaster and you will PASS!


Valley was spot-on. Without the Sweat Book and MemoryMaster for direction I would have been so lost!! Your review opened my eyes to the amount of material I needed to cover to be ready for boards — and you gave me a plan of attack to get there. Thank you!!! I will recommend Valley to everyone I know. You guys have this down to a science — a science that works wonders!


Valley put all the information relevant to boards in an organized manner that was accessible. The Study Module schedule provided was realistic and provided a good framework to follow. Stress the fact that you need to start to study for boards months in advance.”


I studied Valley Anesthesia materials alone with reference only to Nurse Anesthesia (Nagelhout and Plaus, 4th edition). I passed in 100 questions! I felt very prepared. The questions were fair, but success is due solely to the comprehensive review that Valley has provided. This was the hardest easy test I have every taken: hard in the preparation, but easy due to the preparation!!


Very detailed. Great explanations of some areas I felt I was lacking in. Amazing how you guys made these subjects seem so much simpler. I used MemoryMaster & Sweat Book, read them both twice and then hit the bullets and lightening bolts in MemoryMaster at the end. Good stuff!!


I did the Sweat Book and MemoryMaster program about 3 times prior to taking the test. The repetitive­ness & the way important points are highlighted really made it easy to manage & master the content.


I would have studied forever and forever and never felt ready had it not been for the MemoryMaster and Sweat Book. Thanks so much!


The 3-day Review Course was excellent. Difficult concepts were explained in such a way that helped me understand them better as well as retain the concept. You both are excellent teachers! The Valley mate­rial was extremely helpful in organizing my studies. I followed the suggested study schedule. I studied the Sweat Book x2, MemoryMaster x3, and Mixed Reviews x2. I also supplemented uncertain areas with my anesthesia texts. I passed the Boards on my first try.


I don’t know what I would have done without Valley. It really helped me get organized and explained things in ways that were so much easier to understand and memorize. I did the Sweat Book x2 and MemoryMaster x2. Thank you, thank you! :).


The Valley material was my focus to study. I read the Valley Sweat Book x1 before attending the Course. After taking the Course, I read MemoryMaster x2 and Sweat Book x1. I passed on the 1st attempt.


The Review Course was very helpful as well as the “Sweat Book” and MemoryMaster. They got me focused on what was important and broke everything down into easily understandable pieces. After studying these materials, I felt as if I could answer questions no matter how they were asked. Thank you so much!


Good materials with great explanations for difficult concepts. Systematic way to review a ton of mate­rial! Valley was helpful at breaking down concepts that I had a hard time understanding beforehand. MemoryMaster had many concepts/facts that came up in the exam–it is essential to good preparation.


Valley helped me prepare by condensing a lot of the material and I loved the helpful charts and pictures. We especially loved the coagulation cascade and the flow of CSF, neuro, and respiratory graphs. Also, the MemoryMaster questions really helped drive home the material.


I studied the Sweat Book along with the MemoryMaster questions. I felt prepared. I think Valley Review was excellent. It gave me a starting point for studying so I wasn’t totally overwhelmed.